Love and hope at the end of the world and the end of time.

A young girl survives a comet that hit earth and wiped out most of humanity and all of civilization. Alone and abandoned she leaves the ruins of cities and enters nature. She grows to become a lone wolf who braves her fate and her raw surroundings – in a pure fight for survival.

The girl grows to be a woman and one day happens upon a dilapidated barn with a few horded cans of reserves and a rival in the fight for food: A man who like her is one of the last survivors. He’s in search of a new city that’s apparently located on the other side of a distant mountain range. The two pair up and head together for this new Promised Land.

On their odyssey through highland, valley and forest they come across a remote farm, where an old man and his daughter have survived on reserves stored in their cellar. This farmhouse becomes a refuge for these four people, one that gives them the illusion of safety and security – but also one that makes them all the more aware of the melancholy and transience of their own existence. When a stranger then shows up after following one of the women to the farm house, a new sense of community emerges among the now five people. It’s one of claustrophobic and melancholic character, a mixture of hope and desperation, trust and distrust, proximity and brutality, community and isolation – between good and evil.