“Endzeit” is a film about the will to survival, about the ability to engender hope in otherwise hopeless situations, to persevere and continue fighting. It deals with the experience of a woman in the process of self-realization, as she attempts to feel love. In the midst of a hostile environment, to allow a sense of feeling, of melancholy. To survive, without hardening on the inside.

The theme was inspired by the reactor catastrophe in Fukushima. The images and fears that resulted were united and conjoined within me with my own sense of reality. Self-assertion and self-perception, the display of strength and the simultaneous allowance of closeness. The challenge of this film was to develop a cinematic language with which to capture and portray these poles.

For me and my co-producer the production of “Endzeit”, via its very limited budget – we had no support from broadcasters or any state aid – was itself a great risk with uncertain outcome. I am very happy that we were able to put this film together; it’s a testament to the commitment and lifeblood of this entire team.